Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.


I have no spare time for limiting myself within the concepts of race, gender, nationality, religion, ideology..
My soul is free from any concepts, and it does not need any identity like those.

As you visit many places of many countries, you eventually discover that people around the world are the same in one thing.
Everybody needs love and respect.

A way to remove limit from our imaginative power is a key to the gateway to freedom.
Keep your inner child active, because your inner child has the key.
Your inner child is the one who knows what you really want to do.

Once my friend told me in the evening forest.
“There are many beautiful things of nature in a forest, but don’t wait for them to appeal to you. You go and find them.”

Technology makes us connected online no matter when and where, but we should not forget that the person in front of you now is the one we share an irreplaceable time of life with at this moment.

Culture comes from where you live, what you eat, what you wear, what you do for comfortable safe life.
Culture should not be understood by which country we are from, but by how our custom and tendency in our daily life are.
Personal culture always comes before national culture to be cared in communication as a life of the individuals is more precious than an idea of a nation.

“Even when the world seems at its darkest moment, don’t give up hope. Each of us is a star at the night sky, and we can emit light in darkness.”
My mentor taught me one day in Buenos Aires.

Where the earth meets the sky, a wind leads us to our next destination.

I do not own any house, but I do not consider myself homeless.
I would rather call myself houseless, because I already have my home here.
My home is this world.

Expectation causes judgment.
Judgment causes comparison.
Comparison causes competition.
Competition causes anxiety.
Anxiety causes hatred.
Forget to expect, just face and take whatever will happen.