Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.


Exhibited photographs of when I visited special schools and care centers of Africa at TURN FES 4, the art-welfare mixed event sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. (Japan, 2018)

Gave a lecture on Cultural Exchange at Seikei University. (Japan, 2018)

Visited a youth help centre of Morocco in Sefrou. (Morocco, 2018)

Paid a visit to Aunt Kristina's soup kitchen where 200 vulnerable children have a meal daily, and had an interview with her. (Namibia, 2018)

Worked as a volunteer storyteller at Perinaua Library. (Namibia, 2018)

Observed Youth Empowerment Class at Botswana Society for The Deaf, and learned their sign language. (Botswana, 2018)

Visited mentally challenged youth at HDVC (Help for self-help of Disabled Vulnerable Children) during one month, and became friends with them. (Rwanda, 2018)

Lived together with 117 deaf children for three nights at Demonstration Centre for The Deaf, and learned their languages and activities. (Rwanda, 2018)

Invited to a local elementary school as a guest teacher. Made stories together with 5th grade students. (Rwanda, 2018)

Visited Albinism Society in Dar Es Salaam and Mwanza, and interviewed the people. (Tanzania, 2017 -2018)