Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.


Every single breath of ours is a journey from one mind to another.
Every single touch of ours is a journey from one love to another.
Every single step of ours is a journey from one life to another.
Our journey is here.
Our journey is now.

I’m not travelling in the world.
I’m living in the world.

Today is the last day of life we have lived.
Today is the first day of life we will live.
Today is the only day when we feel our life is still on.
Am I ready to live and love this one and only day?

Dear world, less information, more inspiration please.

Everything is changing.

Life itself does not have any meanings.
It’s all about birth, reproduction, death, and nothing more.
We, humans add complicated meanings to life to make it too complicated to live.

Live this moment.
Love this moment.

Demanding too much sense of self-support and self-reliance are bad education for us.
To curve out one’s future only by oneself is an illusion as no one can be born to this world by themselves.
We should teach and learn how far we can depend on each other without feeling ashamed in society.
We are the humans that have evolved and survived until today by caring and helping each other rather than competing and fighting each other.

I don’t care how many countries I have been, but I do care how deep I have dived into places where I have been.

Real kindness is not from an emotion, but from intelligence that allows us to share love and thoughts with anyone and anything unconditionally.