Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.


Taught the Japanese language and traditional games to the local children in George Town (Guyana, 2015)

Visited a day-care center of a Christian church in La Paz (Bolivia, 2015)

Photo Exhibition and Talk at “Latvia Popup Shop” at Isetan Department Store Shinjuku (Japan, 2014)

Took a part of Latvian Week Tokyo as a photographer, speaker, and communicator (Tokyo, 2014)

Featured on Magazine of One Wolf, one of the most successful Latvian fashion brands (Latvia, 2014)

Contributed to a popular paper for the independence day of Latvia (Latvia, 2014)

Calligraphy Workshop with printmaking (Latvia, 2014)

Participated “Paper Object Festival” as a communication artist (Latvia, 2014)

Calligraphy Workshop at Kalnciema iela, the biggest culture center of Latvia (Latvia, 2014)

Contributed to Another Travel Guide on Tokyo Tour (Latvia, 2014)