Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.

“Wind knows where to blow, water knows where to flow.
You don’t need to know where to go, just be free as you were born free.”– an old vagabond –

Defining his existence as ‘vagabond’, Tengyo’s sense of self has emerged from repeatedly wandering between the fixed spacial community (native) and what is beyond (outsider). Influenced by diverse cultures without limiting himself to any specific society or group, he works to express his personal, or people’s physical and mental “fluctuation” in many forms. His activities create eclectic cultural links by carrying ‘that which exists in one place’ to other communities. On his journeys, rather than placing importance on perceived ‘horizontal movement’ based on area covered, Tengyo enhances the depth of his experience by remaining in a given place for a period of time in order to achieve a more cognitive ‘vertical movement’. Tengyo’s current focus is the ‘culture dive’ – a search for a potential creative evolution, hidden in what can only be discovered by throwing oneself into the narrow spaces between varied people, customs, landscapes and ideologies.