Tengyo Kura

Chronicle of Vagabondism / When everybody wants to be somebody, I want to be nobody.


Paid a visit to Tinokwirira Special School, and observed their daily activities. (Zimbabwe, 2017)

Invited to a graduation ceremony at Takunda Deaf Art Kindergarten as a guest of honour. (Zimbabwe, 2017)

Met 200 students at Lilfordia School in Zimbabwe. Played a traditional Japanese game together, and told some stories of my vagabondism. (Zimbabwe, 2017)

Joined a human resource development program at Tokyo University of the Arts as a guest speaker. Introduced my friend who is severely mentally challenged to the participants. Discussed about a new creative way of caring mentally and/or physically challenged people in society of Japan. (Japan, 2017)

Participated in TURN Festival 3, an art and welfare collaboration event organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Travelled with mentally challenged people to Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from their care center by train, and photographed events of the trip and showed the photos in iPad at the museum simultaneously. Made a booklet of photo stories from my prior stay at the care center (Japan, 2017)

My opening interview of a community paper of a Japanese company on July (Japan, 2017)

Participated in Paralympics campaign event "NO LIMITS SPECIAL" in Tokyo as a performance photographer of the art program "MUDDHA" directed by CHORI (Japan, 2017)

A paperback "なnD" made by talented editors included my interview. The editor EIji Kobayashi beautifully completed my life story in four pages. (Japan, 2017)

Participated a regional collaboration program supported by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo University of the Arts, and other cultural institutes as a main artist. Published the photo story work "The Tokyo Vagabond x Ueno" in both of book and web forms. Advertised broadly in the region. Held a talk event with natives of Ueno at the Tokyo Metropolitan Festival on March 11, 2017 (Japan, 2017)
"The Tokyo Vagabond x Ueno": http://ttv.ueno-bunka.jp/

Photos published in “TOKYO/JAPAN”, the participatory documentary photograph collection, which records Tokyo changing by the moment (Japan, 2016)